Why My Rankings Aren’t Increasing? SEO expert needed

August 12, 2017 


I started my first amazon affiliate site 6 months ago. this is my first affiliate site as well. the competition is medium, not hard.

I published 22 Articles on my site on avg of 1000 word count. I did some Web 2.0s, blog comments, forum links. social signals. PBN links. and managed to bring my keywords in between position #9 to #20 . out of 22 keywords, 15 are ranking in 2nd page.

Now, i'm trying hard to push the keywords on first page. I did some PBN links to one of the keyword…

Why My Rankings Aren't Increasing? SEO expert needed ^(http://marathifb.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/why-my-rankings-arent-increasing-seo-expert-needed.963054/)

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